Robert Kuo

Robert Kuo first immersed himself in the tradition of cloisonné (enamelling on metal) at his father's atelier in Taiwan. Later, he became absorbed by the ancient art of repoussé – hammering the back of a metal object to create a design in relief.

Now based in a workshop/gallery in California, his objects are a personal response to this rich, cultural heritage. Here he creates hand-crafted pieces in cloisonné, repousse and Chinese lacquer. Kuo favours organic forms such as lamps with rock crystal bases or Peking Glass vases in a selection of colours reflecting semi-precious stones.

Part artist, part master craftsman, he also creates furniture and larger landscaping elements where he combines these ancient methods with references to Art Deco design.

Kuo’s work is considered fine art and is found in the world's finest hotels as well as private collections where his classical-meets-contemporary aesthetic is valued.