For 25 years, furniture maker Baxter has celebrated the art of the master craftsman.

Based in Como, Italy, the family-run business is internationally lauded for its superior leather.

Baxter employs highly skilled artisans such as tanners, upholsterers and cabinet makers to bring a superlative workmanship to their products. Using only the finest aniline leather; using hides from temperate locations to ensure the best quality; attaining dimensional strength from the exclusive use of using bull hides; vat dying to impregnate the full leather thickness and old-school skills combined with a commitment to research to ensure pieces that capture the quality of yesteryear, but that also fit seamlessly into a contemporary context.

Distinctive and beautifully crafted, the furniture and accessories make a sophisticated statement.

This is a brand where individuality and innovation is embraced while the continuity of traditional crafts is honoured.

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