Preserving the essence of creating timeless pieces of the highest quality.

Alfonso Marina offers high-end furniture with the finest selection of materials and finishes, providing design and quality to the most demanding audiences around the world, whilst remaining a proud Mexican brand.

Established in 1971 the brand of Alfonso Marina has influenced design trends by preserving the essence of creating timeless pieces of the highest quality to satisfy diverse tastes that work both in metropolitan and casual environments.


Alfonso Marina

Superior pieces with casual elegance that show harmony in design and proportion.

The wood finishes of Alfonso Marina products require the skilled hand of highly trained artisans to produce the genuine feel of antique wood with its warm, distinctive patina. The designs include ingrained mouldings, complex veneered faces, marquetry and bone inlays, all of which are made in the Alfonso Marina factory. Their painted finishes are based on gesso and then hand painted and gilded.