Step 2: How to achieve the best night’s sleep

Celebrating 21 years of Frette in New Zealand

It is interesting that the top hotels now are investing even more in the best bed technology and bed linen to ensure their guests have the best sleep possible.  Apparently with a better quality sleep guests say that the staff are kinder, the food is nicer and their stay is much better – not surprising.   Why not do this for ourselves in our own homes – imagine how much better each of our days will be.

The superb sensation of sleeping in beautiful bedlinen can’t be underestimated.   To slip into freshly ironed 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, is pure luxury.   The texture and feel of the sheets wrapped around you is the last sensation you remember as you fall asleep at night and the first sensation you experience as you wake up in the morning.   Why not make that sensation fabulous.

Cavit&Co have represented Frette in New Zealand for the last 21 years and we continue to sell this beautiful collection strongly.  Why not, New Zealanders are renowned for their fine taste and this stunning collection of bedlinen is regarded as the finest in the world.  Made only of the finest quality 100% Egyptian cotton, the longer staple length of the cotton enables the spinning of a very fine yarn resulting in a fabulously soft texture to the end product.

There are two basic weave options firstly percale, which is created by an even weave of warp and weft which gives the crisp feel you experience in the finest of hotels.

The next step up is the couture collection which is a satin weave where the weft thread floats over three warp threads and under one, this provides a softer, more luxurious handle, smooth and very obvious to all who experience this as something special. I have always enjoyed travelling, but to get back home to sleep in Frette again is always a real treat for me.   I can lie in bed and know instantly that I am home before I open my eyes because of the feel of the sheets.

Some people comment on the initial investment for good quality bedlinen but it is very easy to justify when you think how many hours you are in bed and given the bed sets should last for up to 10 years if alternated each week.   The cost per night is minimal, particularly for the quality, and only a fraction of the cost of most of the clothes you would buy on a cost per wear basis.

Good bed linen does need to have suitable care, as do good quality clothes.   Sheets should be washed separately with a detergent without optical whiteners and preferably line dried and taken in when slightly damp and ironed.   If you need to dry your sheets in the drier don’t over dry them as the excessive heat can make the yarn brittle and shortens the lifespan of the sheets.

Many people ask us to fit a sheet for their mattress which we easily do.   However if you have the sheet fitted then it sits on the bed in exactly the same position every time you make the bed creating a specific spot in the sheets which wears faster than the rest of the sheet.   If you tuck in the base sheet, you have the option of moving the sheet a little from side to side and up and down the bed from one week to the next adding considerably to the longevity of the sheet.

Once you have selected your preferred texture and design for the sheets, you then build up the bed layer upon layer to create the perfect weight and warmth for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Cotton blankets are ideal for summer months as they are light weight, and easy to launder.

A good summer alternative is a very light weight woollen blanket which we have from Cecchi et Cecchi as wool wicks away any moisture leaving your bed and you dry and your bed fresh even on the hottest of nights.

Winter warmth is achieved with a light touch with a cashmere blanket or two, or with the heavier weight of wool and cashmere blend or 100% virgin wool.   The Cashmere is an investment, but will last well over 20 years if not a life-time, and given you spend 8 hours a night in bed, it is worthwhile for the gentle melding to your body as you sleep and the superb warmth for the lightness of weight.

The bed is then layered with bed covers, embroidered quilts and matelassé to achieve the layering, weight and warmth and look you require.  To layer the bed like this allows for the difference in warmth required by most couples who sleep at different temperatures.  It also provides a smooth finish to the bed. 

If you prefer a duvet the best quality available is artic goose down, it is the fine curl to the down of these northern Geese that traps the warm air and keeps you extremely warm with very little weight.    These are available in various weights to allow for summer, winter and mid-season use. 

An often overlooked layer is the removable cotton pillow protector.   A cotton protector will add years to the life of a good quality pillow, and is easily washed several times a year to keep the pillow fresh.  I won’t tell you about the weight of feather pillows and why this increases over time, but if you call me I can fill you in on this detail – it will certainly encourage you to use a protector.

If we can be of any help with your choice of bedlinen, bedding, or bed, please do call us.

Our aim is to ensure you enjoy your life and your home, as much as possible - and I believe it can all start with a good night’s sleep.




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