Step 1: How to achieve the best night’s sleep

Introducing ViSpring Mattresses

 We all thoroughly enjoy a good night’s sleep.   To wake refreshed is just incredible and such a great start to any day.  It is a proven fact that we believe our food tastes better, the people around us are friendlier and we are more optimistic when we have had a good night’s sleep.

How to achieve this magical state each and every day is the question I hope to be able to answer for you over the coming weeks. 

Firstly, you need to give yourself the best chance of sleeping well by reducing stimulus around you and setting the scene for relaxation well before you head to bed.  Have a soothing drink, a nice hot bath, burn candles, whatever helps you to relax and breathe away the days stress.  Then write your list of what is on your mind before you get into bed, to clear your thoughts.  

I also find that if you turn your side lights on and turn off your overhead lighting in the bedroom before you start your evening ritual, your room then has a nice low light level when get into bed, just enough to read by, this starts your natural circadian rhythm letting your mind and body realise it is night time.    Then settle into bed and breathe deeply and give yourself up to sleep.   

You will also have a better quality sleep if you are surrounded with natural products which allow your body to breathe.   I could start by waxing lyrical about fabulous Egyptian cotton Frette sheets, and the beauty of cashmere blankets and down pillows, but we will get to that later.   Firstly I think it is important to start with the base product and work upwards.   So let’s start by talking about mattresses.

For the last 20 years, we have had our mattresses for Cavit&Co made specifically for us in New Zealand as we sell a number of different size bed frames from Europe and the USA and this enabled us to make custom mattresses to suit each client.   We have always had rave comments over the years about the fabulous sleep clients enjoy and I have enjoyed sleeping on these mattresses myself.

However, I recently purchased a new mattress from a different New Zealand supplier to trial the “new technology” for my cottage in Arrowtown.   It was from one of their top collections and I was dismayed to wake up several times during the night.   Firstly because the comfort layer in memory foam meant that you created a well in the bed, which was almost impossible to roll back out of, and secondly this cocooning effect of the comfort layer meant that I got incredibly hot

The end result was a sore back and hip and the start of a personal mission to find the best mattresses available to go with our fabulous sheets and top of bed.

Last year I was fortunate to find ViSpring mattresses which are handmade in England with a history that goes back over 110 years.  They have hand teased springs in a calico pocket which are specifically coiled for each mattress to order depending on the weight and the height of the client.   The springs are then hand nestled into the frame in a honeycomb pattern meaning 2100 tightly packed springs are used in a ViSpring NZ king mattress maximising strength and support, well up on the standard 360 springs from most local mattress manufacturers.      

Added to this are sumptuous layers of 100% natural products from wool, cotton, silk and horse hair which is the longest natural fibre, providing unparalleled springiness and creating an open structure which facilitates air circulation.    This helps to keep your bed dry, free of dust mites and healthy. 

I have ordered one for the cottage which arrives this week and I will let you know about how fabulous it is to sleep on.

It’s a considerable investment, but when you consider 8 hours of every day is spent in bed, why not ensure you have the best and healthiest sleep available.


Debbie Cavit


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