Lighting: The importance of mid-level lighting

Lighting:  The importance of mid-level lighting

 Lighting is the most integral element in the creation of the mood of any room.

If it often noted that people look so much better in candle light, this is due to two reasons, firstly the lighting is subtle, gentle and warm.   Secondly it is due to the height of the candle which is at mid- level – slightly above table top height, which is the most flattering level for lighting not only for us, but also for your room.

We have always recommended mid-level lighting to our clients, in all rooms, even in bathrooms, or standing a lamp on a kitchen work top as either a task or ambient light.  

This mid-level lighting can be created by using side lamps; reading lamps – which sit just above the height of the armchair and are directional for task lighting and reading; or standard lamps which cast a larger pool of light; or wall lights.   This lighting will create the play of light and shadow which creates visual drama rather than having every corner of a room lit to the same intensity, which flattens the room.

Have this mid-level lighting at different heights and play with the scale.  There is nothing wrong with having a larger lamp on a smaller table – creating an Alice and Wonderland effect if appropriate for the design of your home, or to offset an overly high ceiling.   I have a shorter standard lamp standing on a small side table in my bedroom and the level and light are just ideal.   I turn this on when I get home in the evenings, and it is a welcoming light late at night before I turn on the bedside lights.

Having side lamps on during the day also brings a warmth to any room, casting a nice warm glow in corners where the sun doesn’t reach.

Personally I only use side lamps in my living area in the evening and rarely turn on the overhead recessed lighting.   This lower light intensity is also far more relaxing creating a restful mood after a busy day.

You should have three light sources in any room apart from natural day light.  Overhead lighting, mid- level lighting as mentioned above, and task lighting.  Mix it up a little with designs, finishes and style.

Remember it is the shadow, rather than the light, which creates the drama.  Spot light the items of real interest, and leave the rest in semi-shadow.   The effect is fabulous.

If we can be of any help in creating mood through lighting, please do call us.

Our aim is to ensure you enjoy your home.


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