Classic Style – standing the test of time.

We have now been in our Parnell Road showroom for 24 years and I am celebrating the occasion by sorting through files, catalogues and photos of the company over the years as we yet again move around office and storage to make space for new ranges about to arrive.

In looking through old photos, it has been a very interesting time seeing what styles have lasted and which were short lived. 

Of particular interest were photos of the stand I designed for Designex in Australia in 2002 when we had Barbara Barry on a speaking engagement.   The style looks just as fresh today as it did then, standing testament to the quality of the design and manufacture of Baker.  I find it is the items designed with integrity, with a good eye for balance and proportion, using the finest natural materials which stand the test of time.  These can be casual or formal, but having a sense of balance just makes them right.

The Parnell showroom has gone from deep green, through apricot to soft sage to beautiful dove grey.   The building itself grew as we needed more space from just the original building onto Parnell Road, to the added Conservatory to extending into the Ralph Lauren showroom now over 650sqm.  The conservatory which was added onto the main showroom 20 years ago went from a glass roof where we alternatively froze or cooked, to solid roofing; the floor from tiles to solid oak; the style of furnishings from French traditional and outdoor furniture to a beautiful combination of the worlds finest furnishings from the USA complimented with Belgian linen upholstery blended with contemporary furniture from Italy. 

Frette Launch - Cavit & Co (1994)

In 24 years we have moved with the times, yet still stayed true to our original focus on creating beautiful homes which our clients will enjoy living in for years to come.   Selling quality   Enhancing people’s personal style and enabling them to show who they are, by the individual way they furnish their homes.   Adding a touch of joy which wells up inside you, when you have a beautiful item you thoroughly love, or to have that touch of luxury every night when you sleep in Frette sheets.

We provide style rather than fashion.

I have also sorted through a vast assortment of invitations for the cocktail parties we have had over the years for product launches we have held and the guest lists and it is heartening to see how many people who were clients when we first launched Frette 21 years ago this month, are still such good clients, and now their children who have grown up with beautiful quality furnishings, are our clients.

It’s been a wonderful journey and I thank you all for coming on it with us over the last 24 years.   Personally, I’ve found this a very rewarding way to spend this rather large chunk of my life and I look forward to helping you for years to come. 

Thank you all.


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