• Caring for Woollens

    As winter approaches we are frequently asked how to care for woollen blankets and throws. Here are a few useful tips for keeping your woollens looking great. READ FULL ARTICLE

  • Arrowtown and the cottage

    Arrowtown – a magic place From a young child I was always interested in old houses - small cottages similar to those in England looking out over rolling fields and hills and dreamt of having one, one day. READ FULL ARTICLE

  • Lighting: The importance of mid-level lighting

    Lighting is the most integral element in the creation of the mood of any room. If it often noted that people look so much better in candle light, this is due to two reasons, firstly the lighting is subtle, gentle and warm. Secondly it is due to the height of the candle which is at mid level – slighty above table top height, which is the most flattering level for lighting not only for us, but also for your room. READ FULL ARTICLE

  • Step 2: How to achieve the best night’s sleep

    It is interesting that the top hotels now are investing even more in the best bed technology and bed linen to ensure their guests have the best sleep possible. Apparently with a better quality sleep guests say that the staff are kinder, the food is nicer and their stay is much better – not surprising. Why not do this for ourselves in our own homes – imagine how much better each of our days will be. READ FULL ARTICLE

  • Step 1: How to achieve the best night’s sleep

    We all thoroughly enjoy a good night’s sleep. To wake refreshed is just incredible and such a great start to any day. It is a proven fact that we believe our food tastes better, the people around us are friendlier and we are more optimistic when we have had a good night’s sleep. READ FULL ARTICLE

  • Classic Style – standing the test of time.

    We have now been in our Parnell Road showroom for 24 years and I am celebrating the occasion by sorting through files, catalogues and photos of the company over the years as we yet again move around office and storage to make space for new ranges about to arrive. READ FULL ARTICLE

  • Bedlinen...pure luxury

    The superb sensation of sleeping in beautiful bedlinen can’t be underestimated. To slip into freshly ironed 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets, is pure luxury. The texture and feel of the sheets wrapped around you is the last sensation you remember as you fall asleep at night and the first sensation you experience as you wake up in the morning. Why not make it fabulous. Cavit and Co have represented Frette in New Zealand for the last 21 years and we continue to sell strongly this stunning collection of bedlinen which is regarded as the finest in the world. Made only of the finest quality 100% Egyptian cotton, the longer staple length of the cotton enables the spinning of a very fine yarn resulting in a fabulously soft texture to the end product. READ FULL ARTICLE