Create an entirely unique space with the timeless elegance that Cavit+Co is known for.

‘Creating timeless homes’ has been our mantra for 30 years and we continue to live by it—environments that are sophisticated, functional and considered. Debbie Cavit’s discerning eye has gathered a balanced offering of the world’s premium brands and products that can be layered to create a home with a sense of global elegance.

This is an ever-changing, eclectic mix of furniture, accessories and lighting, that has captured Debbie’s imagination. Hand-picked by Debbie Cavit on buying trips to the world’s design capitals, every piece in the Cavit Home Collection has a quality that marks it as worthy of inclusion in this carefully curated offering.

Bringing an exciting diversity to the showroom, the introduced pieces meld seamlessly with existing collections to allow even greater scope to personalise a room and bring home the best of international design.